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LastUpdate: 2001-01-30 06:12


Debian package information is generally stored in files having a special file format, dubbed the Debian control file format (dctrl), a special case of the record jar file format. These tools operate on any files conforming in a general sense to that format, and are therefore widely applicable whenever this format is in play. The tools in this bundle are grep-dctrl, sort-dctrl, join-dctrl, and tbl-dctrl.

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LastUpdate: 2002-08-06 07:59


pam_cucipop is a patch that enables cucipop to use the PAM authentication mechanism. This is not part of the official cucipop release. It also includes a patch to fix an out by one segmentation fault problem.

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LastUpdate: 2004-08-05 23:44

Mongoose Package Manager

The Mongoose Package Manager is a full featured packager,
supporting installation from source, advanced dependency
resolution, and optional features.

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LastUpdate: 2001-12-10 15:43


Uni-XML is a project to replace standard Unix
configuration files with XML. It also includes
providing XML Schema files for the XML files, and
XSLT stylesheets to convert the XML files to the
configuration files.

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LastUpdate: 2007-01-28 14:13


Wocvim is a WoC client for Vim. WoC is a protocol
which enables the use of hyperlinks in plain ASCII
texts. The links can point to local or remote
locations. The protocol is specifically designed
to support source code, but it can be used in any
text. For source code, it's also possible to use
ad-hoc tag generators like cscope and ctags.

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LastUpdate: 1998-05-16 22:19


KBACKUP is intended for handling of backups no
matter whether they reside on disk or tape or even
in files. As most other backup programs available
today are either confusing the user with lots of
long command line options, or user friendly but not
powerful at all, the aim behind writing KBACKUP was
to provide a user friendly yet powerful backup
program. It is also intended to be kept compatible
to existing and well proven archive formats, so you
can restore your archives even if you should not
have KBACKUP around anymore.

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LastUpdate: 2005-01-29 21:37 IO Framework IO Framework is a proper Java
framework for handling spectra and peak lists. The
framework can read and write to a number of
different spectra and peak list formats, and it
provides a simple, intuitive Java object model for
working with spectra or peak lists. All classes
support two methods of handling peak list and
spectrum data: in-memory or stream. The goal of
this framework is to support all the popular MS
and MSMS data formats, and to eliminate any time
or effort involved in figuring out how to read and
write peak list or spectrum files.

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LastUpdate: 2009-06-06 22:53


libneuro-java is a Java native interface to
libneuro. It provides C++ and Java wrappers, as
well as Java classes. It also provides control
files to generate them from the libneuro interface
using the program swig. The major and minor
versions of this JNI will track that of libneuro,
but its bugfixes are independent of libneuro

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LastUpdate: 2005-03-23 21:21


scim-input-pad is an on-screen input pad that can
be used to input symbols and key events very
easily. It works with the SCIM input method platform.

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LastUpdate: 2012-03-01 01:54


Libchop is a set of utilities and library for data backup and distributed storage. Its main application is chop-backup, an encrypted backup program that supports data integrity checks, versioning at little cost, distribution among several sites, selective sharing of stored data, adaptive compression, and more. The library itself, which chop-backup builds upon, implements storage techniques such as content-based addressing, content hash keys, Merkle trees, similarity detection, and lossless compression. It makes it easy to combine them in different ways. The ‘chop-archiver’ and ‘chop-block-server’ tools, illustrated in the manual, provide direct access to these facilities from the command line. It is written in C and has Guile (Scheme) bindings.

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자연 언어: English
운영 체제: Linux
프로그래밍 언어: C, Scheme
LastUpdate: 2004-12-14 00:30

RadioMan Java

RadioMan Java is an interface to the RadioMan, a
serial-controlled AM/FM radio which functions much
like a car radio, including 10 AM/FM presets. This
software allows you to use this device under

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LastUpdate: 2003-12-06 14:27


Stereograph is a stereogram generator that renders exclusively truecolor stereograms. It offers different effects to increase the quality of your artwork, including transparency effects.

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LastUpdate: 2005-11-14 11:42


MoosicApplet is a GNOME panel applet which displays the current status of the Moosic jukebox server. It also provides some basic features for controlling the song player. It features a configurable layout and the ability to rewrite the song name in various ways to make it easier to read.

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LastUpdate: 2010-11-22 08:34


txt2xhtml is a plain text to XHTML converter. It outputs valid XHTML and CSS code, and allows the user to specify styles as command line parameters and to import some external stylesheets or create links to them. It uses the gettext library to produce multi-lingual messages.

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LastUpdate: 2004-02-26 14:40

X Cursor Icon Chooser

X Cursor Icon Chooser enables the normal desktop user to easily choose his cursor theme.