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[SVN] Commit revision 28232
When trying to show a diff for added files, only use DiffSelectedFile() if there's only one file ...
[SVN] Commit revision 28231
Merged revision(s) r28224, r28229, r28230 from trunk: * Remove custom base address. * Patch from ...
[SVN] Commit revision 28230
Improve the labels and texts in the rename dialog when using it to get the name for a copy url fr...
#11699993 (Invalid/hcshipra) public [user_image(4849)] add
[Ticket] Add Comment on ticket #38278
Maybe you are using the default gettext that comes with macOS. Update your $PATH so that you can ...
[SVN] Commit revision 28229
Patch from Patrick Steinhardt: When you try to commit to a server, but the commit itself is getti...
[Ticket] Add Comment on ticket #38292
[Ticket] Add Comment on ticket #38292
>チケットについて[[BR]] 昨日久しぶりにKancolleSnifferを使用させていただきましたのでまとめて発行さ...