SlunkCrypt 2024-06-09 04:06 (by muldersoft)


'''SlunkCrypt''' is an experimental cross-platform cryptography library and command-line tool. A fully-featured GUI is provided for the Windows platform.

Please see the '''`[http://slunkcrypt.osdn.io/README.html README]`''' file for details !!!


Ezarcher 2024-06-01 13:09 (by eznix)

다운로드Welcome to Ezarcher

The Ezarcher Linux ISO is a full featured Arch Linux desktop. The live system comes with many common desktop software packages and tools to install Arch Linux on your system. There are two installer methods, the Calamares Installer Framework and the Arch Way, by following the Arch Wiki. The Calamares installer is located in the System menu and titled Install System.

The live user's /home folder has an ezarcher folder with several folders containing all the project files ...


WackoWiki 2024-05-05 06:05 (by vendeeglobe)


anadolupanteri 2024-04-18 16:09 (by ortanca_samuray)


Anadolu Panteri has been established in Turkey as an individual and institutional company in order to give Linux support to every sector. The goal is to be able to meet the needs of developers with specially structured scripts, as well as simple and basic needs that enable us to work together at home, even on the office, and with ease of use.



Developing multi-platform and international edition of ISO Full BASIC.


和田研細丸ゴシック 2024-01-28 05:35 (by rareearth)


WadaLabMaruGo2004 is FreeFont (Open Font). Based on JIS X 0213:2004 (JIS2004) and including Japanese, Emojis, symbols and pictograms of Unicode 15.0. This font face is rounded. This license is public domain.


simphone 2023-12-31 09:02 (by wieselberg)


Added dark theme and font size setting


LameXP 2023-12-30 02:03 (by muldersoft)

다운로드LameXP v4.21 2023-12-29
Upgraded build environment to Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.11 (MSVC 16.11)
Updated the Windows SDK version to 10.0.19041.0
Updated LAME encoder to v3.101 Beta-3 (2023-12-15), compiled with ICL 2023.2 and MSVC 16.11
Updated Opus encoder/decoder libraries to v1.4+9 (2023-11-03) and Opus-Tools to v0.2+34 (2023-11-12)
Updated Monkey's Audio binary to v10.38 (2023-12-22), compiled with ICL 2024.0 and MSVC 16.11
Updated FLAC encoder/decoder to v1.4.3 (2023-06-23), compiled w...


TOMOYO 2023-12-25 09:00 (by kumaneko)

AKARI 2023-12-25 09:00 (by kumaneko)


AKARI is Access Keeping And Regulating Instrument for Linux 2.6 and later kernels.

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