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LastUpdate: 2012-07-28 23:52

Performance Application Programming Interface

PAPI aims to provide the tool designer and
application engineer with a consistent interface
and methodology for use of the performance counter
hardware found in most major microprocessors.

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LastUpdate: 2009-03-12 04:41

GNU Interactive Tools

GNU Interactive Tools (GNUIT) is a set of interactive tools. It contains an extensible file system browser, an ASCII/hex file viewer, a process viewer/killer, and some other related utilities and shell scripts. It can be used to increase the speed and efficiency of most of the daily tasks such as copying and moving files and directories, invoking editors, compressing and uncompressing files, creating and expanding archives, compiling programs, sending mail, etc. It looks nice, has colors (if the standard ANSI color sequences are supported), and is user-friendly.

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LastUpdate: 2005-01-31 06:49


NewsGrab is a small tool that uses regular expressions to download and uudecode/ydecode binary files from USENET.

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LastUpdate: 2002-04-05 13:40

Internet Gopher Client

The Internet Gopher Client is based on the UMN Gopher/Gopherd 2.3.1
code. Gopher is an Internet technology that predates the Web. It
presents information as a virtual network-wide filesystem. Modern
browsers such as Konqueror can display gopherspace as if it contained
files on your local machine (trees, drag and drop, etc.), but the
difference is that each file or folder in that tree may be on a
different machine.

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LastUpdate: 2004-01-26 02:41


OMCSNetCPP is a C++ API and inference toolkit for accessing OMCSNet, a semantic network mined out of the Open Mind Common Sense knowledge base. The goal of this project is to provide a class library that allows programmers to easily add common sense reasoning capabilities to C++ applications.

LastUpdate: 2005-06-26 02:19

Helios qmail

Helios qmail is an advanced qmail distribution
based on qmail-sql. It has SMTP, SMTPS, POP3,
POP3S, IMAP, and IMAPS services, a content
scanner, antispoof and SPF support, SMTP-AUTH,
SMTP-after-POP/IMAP, a PHP5 API, and many other
useful tools.

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LastUpdate: 2004-12-29 16:15

Webmin Usermonitor

Webmin Usermonitor is a Webmin module that allows
you to view all user connections to the system
which are based on Telnet, SSH, or Samba. It is
able to kill a user's connection or send a message
to the user.

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LastUpdate: 2011-09-02 22:00


integrit is an alternative to file integrity verification programs like tripwire and aide. It helps you determine whether an intruder has modified a computer system. integrit's major advantages are a small memory footprint and simplicity. It works by creating a database that is a snapshot of the most essential parts of your computer system. You put the database somewhere safe, and you can then use it to make sure that no one has made any illicit modifications to the computer system. In the case of a break in, you know exactly which files have been modified, added, or removed.

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LastUpdate: 2005-01-05 07:11


QtFprot is a frontend for FPROT 4.x, a free (for personal use) Linux virus-scanner. It's similar to XFprot, but written in Qt. It allows you to set all FPROT paramters with a comfortable GUI.

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LastUpdate: 2014-06-07 03:15

Trojan Scan

Trojan Scan is a simple shell script that allows for simple but relatively effective checking for trojans, rootkits and other malware that may be using your server and network for unwanted (and possibly illegal) purposes. It is relatively simple and won't catch them all, but can help to find these programs on shared servers with many users. It works by listing all process that use the Internet with the lsof command (using -Pni flags). This list is then transformed into signatures, which are then are matched against the allowed process defined in the
configuration. If any signatures of running processes are found that do not match the allowed signatures, an email report is sent including ps, ls, and optional lsof output for the unknown processes.

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LastUpdate: 2004-12-29 03:49


Btail monitors a logfile for specific events. It uses a Bayesian
filter to determine what events are worth passing through
and which should be suppressed.

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LastUpdate: 2008-12-26 11:14


Logger is a log queueing and optimization utility.
It can completely replace sys/klogd, handle logs larger than 2GB, perform automatic nightly log rotation without affecting services, and transfer logs between machines via TCP connections. Any application that writes a text log can be
maintained by Logger. It is light, small, and fast, emphasizes security, and reduces drive usage through memory queueing.

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LastUpdate: 2006-09-18 10:21


sfind is a highly portable and fully POSIX.1-2001 compliant implementation of the "find" utility. It implements features like "-ls" and "-exec program ... {} +" (the latter is the POSIX built in "xargs"). It has no limitations on path length. Directory loops caused by hard-linked directories are handled gracefully.

LastUpdate: 2002-11-06 03:30

Green Black List Creator for Procmail Recipes

Green Black List Creator for Procmail Recipes reads a .aliases file
and an orgs file and creates procmail recipes to filter your mail.
The README file includes configuration information for procmail to
help fight spam.

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LastUpdate: 2001-01-30 06:14


XCclock offers a nice clock and an alarm function. Simply push the right mouse button above the clock and select something in the popup menu. To run and build the Xclasses X11 layout library is required.

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