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A fast implementation of the Nix expression language

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d8750e8a2024-06-15 01:35:35CorbinUpdate README.
41cf845d2024-06-14 11:59:00Corbinparser: Use some sugar.
476522042024-06-14 11:29:28Corbinparser: Make string QLs left-recursive. And, with this, ...
504629502024-06-14 11:11:02CorbinGet 2 + 2 working again. The supercombinator preparation...
322ce0892024-06-13 13:01:55Corbingmachine: Flesh out actual operations. This is going to ...
ae25b72a2024-06-13 08:03:52CorbinBreak ground on a G-machine implementation. I think that...
376831c92024-06-10 07:57:27Corbinparser: Add weird let-expression and rec-expression.
f77ed0872024-06-10 07:30:47CorbinFuck with the parser some more. The `formals` production...
27ebd78e2024-06-10 06:06:05Corbinparser: Recognize let-expressions.
eab14a7e2024-06-09 03:25:28CorbinSet up a standalone repo. I'm tightening up the license ...
This is a basic parser for the Nix language.

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