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= User Control (Delphi Experts Consortium Edition) =

The purpose of this User Control distribution is to unify all available versions in order to become THE definitive distribution of this, which is an excellent component for managing users.

We understand that these components were developed by other people initially and credit for any and all development until revision 1 (initial) of this distribution should be given to the pioneers. All development from revision 2 will be customizations and bugfixes from various authorships.

The motivation to perform this work lies in the fact that currently the original UserControl source ( does not seem to contain any significant updates for some time and the existing files do not seem to follow any logic order, which makes the use of the component in large projects a risk for most developers.

== Features ==

* Easy initial setup from the integrated component editor
* Better organization of main component properties
* It has integrated internal messaging system that allows communication between registered users and now with the possibility of sending important message (priority) and return receipts
* Sends emails to users when their information is changed (password, name, profile, etc.)
* Full and correct use of the SGDBs it supports, with real date / time fields, primary keys, sequences and auto-increments
* Use of configurable multiple hashes, in order to give greater security to the application
* Possibility of configuring how internal messages are automatically displayed after logon, and can even be configured not to display messages automatically
* Application lock function. Only those who have blocked can unlock the application or terminate it

== Donation ==

This is and always will be an Open Source project. However I would be grateful if you could contribute any amount [ clicking here]


Utilize o SVN para baixar a versão mais recente do UCDXCE. É altamente recomendável fazer isso, pois a atualização posterior do componente se torna tão fácil como fazer um simples update do SVNUtil... Show How to Install


As instruções de uso para este componente não são complexas, mas a melhor forma de aprender como usar o UCDXCE é vendo o demo que acompanha o componente, que encontra-se na pasta utl\Demo Show Usage

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2019-03-10 09:11
Review by Carlos B. Feitoza Filho

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A evolução do aclamado controle de usuários!
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