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Kronolith is the Horde calendar application. It provides a stable and featureful individual calendar system with integrated collaboration and scheduling features. It makes extensive use of the Horde Framework to provide integration with other applications. It implements a solid, stand-alone calendar system, allowing repeating events, all-day events, custom fields, keywords, shared calendars, iCalendar support, generation of free/busy information, and managing multiple users through Horde Authentication.

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2013-01-11 06:57 Back to release list
H5 (4.0.3)

Kolab 향상 된 호환성입니다. 수정 캘린더 간에 이벤트를 이동 합니다. 작은 버그 수정 및 개선입니다.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Minor feature enhancements
Improved Kolab compatibility. Fixes moving events between calendars. Small bugfixes and improvements.

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