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jGnash is a personal finance application written in Java. Java 7 is required. jGnash supports several account types, including investment accounts. It has support for split transactions, nested accounts, scheduled transactions, commodities, and currencies. It can import OFX and QIF files, excluding investment accounts and transactions. Data is stored in an XML format so it is easy to manipulate and read the data external to the program. jGnash also has scripting support to add custom reports and functionality.

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2012-03-11 08:54

이 릴리스를 Excel 파일에 예산 및 인쇄 가능한 보고서를 내보내는 기능을 추가 합니다. 몇 가지 사소한 버그가 수정 되었습니다.
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Minor bugfixes
This release adds the ability to export budgets and printable reports to an Excel file. Several minor bugs have been fixed.

2012-02-09 23:51

예산 요약 정보 디스플레이 크게 개선 하 고 몇 가지 사소한 유용성 개선 되었다.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
The budget summary information display was improved significantly and a few minor usability improvements were made.

2012-01-24 20:39

이 릴리스에 사소한 수정 및 예산 인터페이스에 대 한 성능 향상을 포함합니다.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
This release contains minor fixes and performance improvements for the budget interface.

2012-01-10 06:53

이 릴리스에 새로운 예산 인터페이스의 UI 안정성에 초점을 맞춘. 연간 예산 기간을 설정 하는 기능 추가 되었습니다, 뿐만 아니라 예산 보기에 자산 및 책임 계정을 표시 하는 능력. 몇 가지 사소한 버그 해결 했다. 빌드 시스템 및 구조를 통해 메이 븐 변환 되었습니다.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Minor bugfixes
This release focused on the UI stability of the new budget interface. The ability to set a yearly budget period has been added, as well as the ability of showing asset and liability accounts in the budget view. A few minor bugs were addressed. The build system and structure was converted over to Maven.

2011-12-25 01:53

몇 가지 사소한 버그가 수정 되었습니다 및 다양 한 부 유용성 개선 구현한 예산 책정 기능 추가 되었습니다.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
Budgeting functionality was added, several minor bugs were fixed, and various minor usability improvements were implemented.

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