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Asterisk is a hybrid TDM and packet voice PBX (Private Branch eXchange) and IVR platform with ACD functionality. It acts as middleware between the Internet (IAX, SIP, MGCP, Skinny, H.323), telephony channels (like Zaptel, T1, PRI, E1, FXO, FXS, VoIP, VoFR, ISDN, modems, Internet Phone Jack, etc.), and applications (like voice-mail, conferencing, directories, MP3 players, intercoms, etc.). It has many advanced features such as a codec translation API. The base distribution includes several channel backends, as well as applications. However, the beauty of Asterisk is its ability to be extended using its APIs, dynamic module loader, and AGI scripting interface. End users can even write their own applications that run on the system in C or any scripting language of their choice.

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이 버전은 다수의 버그수정이 포함되어있습니다. 다음 중 하나 chan_sip에서 보안 문제를위한 것입니다. 문제는 SIP를 대화 상자의 역사에 관계없이 메모리에 저장된 받고 여부에 대한 옵션을 설정하거나 해제할했다됩니다. 이것은 시스템 메모리에서 실행 chan_sip를 사용하여 원인을 악용 될 수있습니다.
Tags: Minor security fixes, Current
This version contains numerous bugfixes. One of these is for a security issue in chan_sip. The issue is that SIP dialog history was being stored in memory regardless of whether the option for this was turned on or off. This could be abused to cause a system using chan_sip to run out of memory.

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