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About OFI (Other Forge's Information)

At OSDN, we publish information concerning prominent open-source software, and open software that are registered to other open source hosting sites. We provide information such as review, features, developers, download links, and summaries.

When “OFI” appears at the upper part of a page, it means the project is not an OSDN registered project, and the page simply provides information on open-source software hosted on other site. If you wish to contact the developers to ask questions or to check the original information, you can click on the links that will lead you to the project.

The introductory articles on these pages can be edited (contents will be examined before upload) by any logged-in users, so don't hesitate to add information that can be useful to others.


  • This feature is not designed for providing development features. This feature was originally made to help Japanese users learn about the prominent open-source projects that were developed in English speaking countries.
  • Download information is simply a link that leads to other site, and on OSDN there are no mirroring service provided for files hosted on other sites.
  • Information page that introduces each software could get deleted without notice due to legal problem, security problem, or the quality of information.
  • Incorrectness in the published information could occur due to variety of reasons such as delay on update and transfer of the site.
  • This feature was originally added for the purpose for helping Japanese people learn about the status of global open source projects, and now that the globalization of OSDN is progressing, the purpose of having this feature is waning. Furthermore, there is no plan of modifying this feature under the circumstances. Thus there is a possibility that this OFI feature could get discontinued in the near future.