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Looking for Mirror sites for our File Release System

At OSDN, we are looking for Mirror Providers who will host a mirror site for our file release system, at all times. If you are interested in helping us, please read the following information on OSDN's public mirror website. Please contact us when you create one.


  • For OSDN's file release mirror server, http access is requisite. It is better to be able to provide https access too.
  • OSDN server has to be mirrored via rsync, so please have your environment ready to use rsync.
  • The mirroring size is about 4.6TB (as of 2020/Jan), but it is gradually increasing. You are advised to secure at least 5 TB.
  • To allow inbound http access to the mirror server, please secure sufficient network bandwidth.
  • Currently, there's only IPv4 support for mirror server (as of 2015/September, Ipv6 is not supported).
  • Due to the limitations of the system (there are several IP-based limitations), We can not accept that IP addresses of the mirror access will be change frequently, eg Dynamic IP address assignment to the server etc.
  • Due to some kind of technical difficulties regarding mirror configuration, we may turn down your offer. Please accept our apology in advance should this happens.


1. Configuration for http server

Complete the configuration for http server as instructed below.

  • Configure to allow access to all files mirrored from OSDN with same path structure under subdirectory or top level of virtualhost.
  • Add some MIME-Type settings to avoid transfer issue with compressed files.

Here's a configuration example of apache2. When using other type of http server, configure to behave in the same way.

AddType application/x-gzip .gz
AddType application/x-lzma .lzma
AddType application/x-xz .xz
AddType application/x-xpinstall .xpi
AddType application/x-apple-diskimage .dmg

If you using nginx, please add following to mime.types config file (not http server config, MIME types cannot be appended dynamically on nginx).

application/x-gzip gz;
application/x-lzma lzma;
application/x-xz xz;
application/x-xpinstall xpi;
application/x-apple-diskimage dmg;

2. Application for Mirror Server Configuration

Please contact OSDN system admin (admin -at- to inform the following information.

  • The name of the organization who will mirror
    • Please inform the name of the company/university/organization who will mirror.
    • This name will be used on OSDN download page and documents.
  • Web page URL of the organization who will mirror.
    • Please inform the URL of the organization's web page. We will install a link on the download page to provided information on the organization who is mirroring.
  • Country (e.g: Japan), and Location (e.g: Tokyo) of the organization.
  • Logo image about or smaller than 200x50 pixel
    • This logo image will be used on OSDN download page and mirror select window.
    • Please provide in png format.
  • Email address and point of contact (POC)
    • For communication purposes we need the name, email address and position of the POC for your organization.
    • The email address can be a personal email address of the POC or a mailing list address.
    • The information provided will not be posted on web, it is for communication only.
  • IP Address for the Rsync Access
    • Rsync server designed for mirroring sets access limitation based on IP address. We will enable only IP addresses that were requested for rsync.
    • You could make a request for registering multiple IP addresses or IP address ranges. In that case, please explain why.
  • Mirror Server's URL
    • Inform the URL for the mirror server which will be allowing inbound http/https access

If you don't have a problem that we use all the above information, we will contact you after we complete the rsync configuration.

3. Execution and Configuration of the Mirror

Once you receive a message from us that the configuration has been completed, you can start mirroring via rsync. On mirror website, please be advised to execute rsync in the way shown below. (* Those of you who have already used rsync before must be familiar with it already, but let us remind you that the / at the end of a path has it own function, so please heed the instruction precisely.)

rsync -rplHtqSz --del rsync:// /path/to/mirror-dir/

After mirroring is done for the very first time, make sure to configure so that the above rsync gets executed once every hour using cron or something. By the way, mirroring website that doesn't get updated for over 12 hours will be automatically removed from the download's sorting destinations.

When you complete the configuration for mirroring via rsync, please let us know. After we confirm the condition, we will begin directing to the mirror server.

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