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Download from mirror does not have correct md5 sum

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I uploaded a binary file to project release. Then, I can download the file by the "Simplified release file URL". The downloaded file has a MD5, called e280e606, for example.

But, several hours later, I found there is an error in the release file. I go to the release page, and delete the release file. And upload another file (with MD5 230bd4dfb9, for example). Note, the new uploaded file has the same name as the old one.

Then, we can download the new uploaded release file ( MD5 e280e606). But, sometimes, we still get the old file (MD5 230bd4dfb9).

I known, the download service will redirect user to different mirror service. Before the new release file uploaded, I may downloaded the old file using mirror A (e.g. https://osdn.mirror.liquidtelecom.com/misa-kmc/75268/vendor-20210604-093343.00243.tar) (MD5 230bd4dfb9). This is correct. But, after the new release file uploaded, the download service may redirect user to mirror A. And mirror A will still give me the old release file (MD5 230bd4dfb9), which is not correct. If the download service may redirect user to another mirror B which have never used before re-uploading. Mirror B will give me the newest release file (MD5 e280e606).

Maybe for mirror A, it need some time to sync the data. I want to knew, how many time for mirror A to give user the newest release file? Or is it a bug?

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