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Development of FreeBSD ports management utility designed to be suitable for reinstallation of all packages afrer major version upgrade of the system or very long absence of ports upgrade.

The current implementation pursues a replacement of portupgrade and portmaster to facilitate the perfect upgrade of the whole packages in heavly customized systems by configuration compatible with portupgrade. Most of the issues in /usr/ports/UPDATING are resolved automatically. Robust restarting functionality against manual/sudden termination is also pursued for facilitating package build in busy or low-performance machines. Utilities for building packages in a chroot
environment are also developed for safe upgrade.

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Released at 2018-09-22 14:48
portsreinstall Version 4.1.0 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

"Full course" mode is implemented in portsreinstall-chroot and the algorithms of portsreinstall are improved and corrected to be more automatic, efficient and successful. As of this version, executing "portsreinstall-chroot -f" will complete everything usually needed for package build/upgrade automatically from update of the ports tree to reinstallation of upgraded ports/packages using a temporally-built chroot environment.


NEW Options -j and -x are added. NEW Option -J is added to the all utilities. NEW Option -f, -g and -s are added to portsreinstall-chroot(8). NEW Options -f is added to portsreinstall-chroot-mount(8). NEW Commands of auto and destroy are added to portsreinstall-chroot(8). NEW Commands of pkg, make, show build_conflict_pkgs, show inst_conflict_pkgs, show errormessage, show inst_by_pkg, show inst_built_default, show inst_built_custom, show fossil, show moved, show leaves and show obsolete commands are added. NEW Command show status newly supports inst_by_pkg, inst_built_default, inst_built_custom and fossil. NEW BUILDCONFLICT and INSTCONFLICT sections are added to ${LOCALBASE}/etc/portsreinstall.conf. CHANGED The keyword for identifying build failure is separated into "build" and "requirements build". CHANGED The history section which was in the man page is separated to HISTORY file. IMPROVED The (Re)installation scheme is changed to skip ports whose requirements are not installed at their turns, and always retry failed build. IMPROVED It is changed to detect unflavored ports or ports with old flavor names of flavored ports as obsolete. IMPROVED The behavior with union file systems is stabilized. IMPROVED It is changed to show messages of reset ports at the stage of reloading ${LOCALBASE}/etc/portsreinstall.conf. IMPROVED It is changed so that ports to freeze are upgraded to the latest available package version and deemed success. IMPROVED It is changed to unlock in all error termination. IMPROVED Inside- and outside-parent jail/chroot mounting/unmounting operations by portsreinstall-chroot(8) and portsreinstall-chroot-mount(8) are now safely protected from each other. IMPROVED The message at the exit from portsreinstall-chroot(8) builder chroot environment is modified to be less shocking. IMPROVED The batch mode is made more quiet typically about the output of package tools and make. IMPROVED The full build-time requirements are changed to the ports of the least required packages for building, which consist of the direct build-time requirements and their full run-time requirements. The full build-time dependents are also redefined in accordance. The all needed ports for building from scratch are actually the full all-time requirements. IMPROVED portsreinstall-chroot(8) now allows unprivileged operation of mount, unmount and enter if the file systems of the builder chroot environment are ready. IMPROVED Possible confusion by obsolete packages during inspection is made to be avoided by temporary escape. FIX Adding packages sometimes failed due to lack of required packages. FIX reset command discarded the information of the initially installed packages. FIX Dependency inspection might have terminated with error when obsolete ports exist. FIX Changes made by commands or in ${LOCALBASE}/etc/portsreinstall.conf were not reflected to dependents of the specified ports in the redo runs with incorrect messages notifying as already inspected merged ports. FIX Unmounting of file systems by portsreinstall-chroot(8) had some problems due to inclusion of redundant series of slashes in the path. FIX Evaluation of old origins was incomplete for merged ports and resulted in redundant detection of conflict. FIX Failure in unmounting of file systems by portsreinstall-chroot(8) left the privilege lock. FIX Conflict was not correctly escaped in package installation. FIX Evaluation of globs was incorrect for the regular expression form. FIX Flavored requirements were incorrectly inspected. This also caused disability of the use of default packages for flavord ports with the default configuration. FIX The message about the evaluated dependency level in show command was wrong. FIX Unselected leaf ports were skipped in (re)installtion. FIX Some upgrading operations by portsreinstall-upgrade(8) were imperfect.