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OpenPSA is a Web application designed specifically to meet the needs of Web agencies and consultants. It aims to be a one-stop solution for the management of typical agency business processes, such as project management and time tracking, invoicing and document management, and group calendars. It also includes CRM features such as sales force automation and direct marketing, and is extendable via the builtin component framework.

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2009-01-27 19:20

techsupport 그 티켓에서 시간을보고를 방해하던 버그가 수정되었습니다. 그것해야한다 "자동"이 최초의 사람은 특별히 요청하지 않는 한 그것을 수정하기 위해 할당 숙박 티켓 할당 할당하는 기능을 할당, 지금은 작동합니다. 이전에는 실패를 닫을 때 항공권.
Tags: Legacy, Minor bugfixes
A bug in TechSupport that prevented reporting
hours from tickets was fixed. The "auto-assign"
feature, which assigns unassigned ticket to the
first one who edits it unless specifically
requested to stay unassigned, now works as it
should. Previously, it failed when closing

2005-06-23 17:55

이것은 시스템의 재작성 MidCOM 구성 요소 아키텍처를 기반으로 완료되었습니다. 아직 불안 정한 MgdSchema 및 Midgard의 쿼리 빌더 기능에 대한 의존성 때문에 불안정합니다.
Tags: Current, Initial freshmeat announcement
This is a complete rewrite of the system based on the MidCOM component
architecture. It's still unstable because of dependency on unstable
MgdSchema and Query Builder features of Midgard.

2005-05-21 01:09

이것은 아마도 2.0 이전의 마지막 릴리스입니다 (이는 주요 재작성)입니다. 캘린더있다 WebDAV 및 SyncML을 지원합니다. 프로젝트의 성능을 개선했다. CRM은 수많은 작은 변경합니다.
Tags: Legacy, Major feature enhancements
This is probably the last release before 2.0 (which is a major rewrite). Calendar has WebDAV and SyncML support. Projects has performance enhancements. CRM has many smaller changes.

2005-05-06 11:37

이 릴리스의 기능을 캘린더에 대한 더 나은 기본 모듈 로직, 그리고 핵심적인 향상을 지원 SyncML.
Tags: Legacy, Major feature enhancements
This release features SyncML support for calendar, better
default module logic, and core enhancements.

2005-04-19 19:49

캘린더 WebDAV를 지원하고 반복 향상뿐만 아니라, 더 나은 vCal 내보낼 수있습니다. CRM은 보고서를 향상. 대부분의 그루지야 문자 지역화 완료.
Tags: Legacy, Major feature enhancements
Calendar WebDAV support and repeats enhancement, as well as better vCal export. CRM reports enhancements. Mostly complete Georgian localization.

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