Project Web Server's HTTPS Access Support
2015-08-19 17:32 (by sado)

“Project Web” function, which is the web hosting function used by projects registered at OSDN, now supports HTTPS access.

Just like the conventional HTTP access, now it can be accessed with HTTPS. Now, http URLs like http://(projectname) can also be accessed with https://(projectname)

  • Now both HTTP and HTTPS are enabled to access with, so if you want to restrict to HTTPS access only, you will have to change the set ups for things like redirects on .httaccess or web server's application .

  • It depends on the applications on the web server, but there are times where images or links like CSS refer to http, and there will be an alert on the Web browser. In that case, you will have to change the setting adjustment/code on the application side. The adjustments should be handled by the project.
  • Projects with original domains using VHOST function can not use the new HTTPS access support function.

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