OSDN's Software Distribution Network


Software Distribution Network for OSS Developers

OSDN provides worldwide network of software/file distribution for open source software developers free of charge.

Use file publishing features directed to OSS projects Use file publishing features directed to individual developers

OSDN's Software Distribution Network

At OSDN, in cooperation with organizations that support open source network development and its use, we provide mirror sites in seven locations around the world. There are several more mirror sites under way.

Using OSDN's file release/file manager features, all you have to do is upload a file you want to publish, then the file will be distributed through these mirror sites. The files that are uploaded will be mirrored to each mirror site automatically, so users can download from most suitable mirror site based on the operating status of each site.

* The waiting time from the moment the file is uploaded to when it is reflected to each mirror site could differ among the mirror sites.

File Relese

OSDN's File Release Feature

When there are multiple people working on a software development project, you can distribute files and software through the use of file release feature by creating developer account on OSDN and registering your development project.

There is no limit to the number of files you can distribute, and you can also distribute files in different versions, architectures, and languages. Plus, by setting recommended environment, you can make files corresponding to the download users' environments displayed automatically.

OSDN File Manager

File Manager for Personal Development

For those who are personally working on software development, we provide a file manager that lets you publish files with simple steps. This file manager is part of a development support feature called "Personal Forge", and each "Chamber" can publish any files.

Also for the file manager for personal development, there is no limit to the number of files that can be published.


Manipulate with REST API

On OSDN, we provide REST API to manipulate various features that we provide from external client. By using this API from a script or external client to manipulate, you can automate file upload and management.

Project Stats

Statistics and Security

Statistical information such as the number of downloads for published files or number of accesses to the download page can be checked from the "Project Statistics" page. There are also features like Review and Ticket that help the communication among users and developers.

On OSDN, the operating side basically will not remove or modify Open Source files that are uploaded for distribution, except cases when inclusion of malicious software and copyright infringement are detected. Also on download page, you can check the MD5/SHA1/SHA256 hash calculated during the upload of a file, and with this information, you can check if there has been any tampering made on the file.

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