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Commit MetaInfo

Revision2908d420bbfea06ca99bb6ac4335661c1304c5ea (tree)
Time2022-01-30 23:33:48
AuthorYoshinori Sato <ysato@user...>
CommiterYoshinori Sato

Log Message

target/rx: Fix helper definiton.

Due to an incorrect definition of helper,
TCG optimization could sometimes behave unexpectedly.

Signed-off-by: Yoshinori Sato <ysato@users.sourceforge.jp>

Change Summary

Incremental Difference

--- a/target/rx/helper.h
+++ b/target/rx/helper.h
@@ -4,27 +4,27 @@ DEF_HELPER_1(raise_privilege_violation, noreturn, env)
44 DEF_HELPER_1(wait, noreturn, env)
55 DEF_HELPER_2(rxint, noreturn, env, i32)
66 DEF_HELPER_1(rxbrk, noreturn, env)
7-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_3(fadd, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, f32, env, f32, f32)
8-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_3(fsub, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, f32, env, f32, f32)
9-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_3(fmul, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, f32, env, f32, f32)
10-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_3(fdiv, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, f32, env, f32, f32)
11-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_3(fcmp, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, void, env, f32, f32)
12-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_2(ftoi, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, i32, env, f32)
13-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_2(round, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, i32, env, f32)
14-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_2(itof, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, f32, env, i32)
7+DEF_HELPER_3(fadd, f32, env, f32, f32)
8+DEF_HELPER_3(fsub, f32, env, f32, f32)
9+DEF_HELPER_3(fmul, f32, env, f32, f32)
10+DEF_HELPER_3(fdiv, f32, env, f32, f32)
11+DEF_HELPER_3(fcmp, void, env, f32, f32)
12+DEF_HELPER_2(ftoi, i32, env, f32)
13+DEF_HELPER_2(round, i32, env, f32)
14+DEF_HELPER_2(itof, f32, env, i32)
1515 DEF_HELPER_2(set_fpsw, void, env, i32)
16-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_2(racw, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, void, env, i32)
17-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_2(set_psw_rte, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, void, env, i32)
18-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_2(set_psw, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, void, env, i32)
19-DEF_HELPER_1(pack_psw, i32, env)
20-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_3(div, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, i32, env, i32, i32)
21-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_3(divu, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, i32, env, i32, i32)
22-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_1(scmpu, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, void, env)
16+DEF_HELPER_2(racw, void, env, i32)
17+DEF_HELPER_2(set_psw_rte, void, env, i32)
18+DEF_HELPER_2(set_psw, void, env, i32)
19+DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_1(pack_psw, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, i32, env)
20+DEF_HELPER_3(div, i32, env, i32, i32)
21+DEF_HELPER_3(divu, i32, env, i32, i32)
22+DEF_HELPER_1(scmpu, void, env)
2323 DEF_HELPER_1(smovu, void, env)
2424 DEF_HELPER_1(smovf, void, env)
2525 DEF_HELPER_1(smovb, void, env)
2626 DEF_HELPER_2(sstr, void, env, i32)
27-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_2(swhile, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, void, env, i32)
28-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_2(suntil, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, void, env, i32)
29-DEF_HELPER_FLAGS_2(rmpa, TCG_CALL_NO_WG, void, env, i32)
27+DEF_HELPER_2(swhile, void, env, i32)
28+DEF_HELPER_2(suntil, void, env, i32)
29+DEF_HELPER_2(rmpa, void, env, i32)
3030 DEF_HELPER_1(satr, void, env)