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erse 1: Payday]
I've got a rep as a sick individual
Cause' my material's original plus critical
Wild like a savage, well above average
The world had it coming when my mom's named me Travis
Straight from the womb I come to bring doom so give me room
As I presume to break apart you little goons
Competitors are blind, don't last behind, I can't find
I find a rhyme to mind, rewind this line just one time
I leave you stiff like a manikin, ain't no need a panickin'
I aim for your abdomen and cut like Kenny Anderson
Herb yo hit the curb, when my words swerve and hit the nerves
You get served like some chips and h'orderves
Miraculous tactics, a drastic burn like acid
Bastards getting blasted from the style that I've mastered
De-meditation like I'm on medication
Because my creation terrorizes the whole nation
As long as the sky's blue and the sun still shines
Lord give me the strength and I'm always drop rhymes

[Verse 2]
I've never took a loss for nothing that I had, G
Since the age of three, I ran the streets crazy
Buck wild, Brooklyn, bad boy gangster style
Stuck before your fronts, yeah pretty boy smile
I've never had nothing but a nine doing crime
I'd rob you for a dime, in order to get mine
I ran the streets and put the beef to cease
I play for keeps and smoke chumps like a loosie
I got props on blocks in the boondocks
My name rings bells like the neighborhood weed spot
Pack a tec so, call me a threat
A vest can't protect dum-dums in your chest
So bang a one gun shot to your brain
You fall in pain, I take your loot and your chain, moneygrip
Cause of some bullshit
And if I can't have what I want I'm taking it
My repertoire goes far from just being a star
If I wanna get attention I'll hijack a car
Now you got the cops telling me what to do
I don't love myself, so how the fuck I'm a love you
All I need is a Glock with two clips, and a spliff
And I'm a rampage the stick ?
[Lyrics from: https:/]
I crack skulls, break backs and all that
Believe me black, I leave holes in your starter's cap
So buck buck, what the fuck, bring it on, word is bond
Cause you'll sing the blues like Sarah Vaughn
Chumps will get dumped in the river
Click goes my trigger, cause I'm out to make my pockets bigger
Down with the ex-convicts loading clips
The niggas that I stick are stuck, so run it quick
There's not a man alive that can survive
Twenty-one shots from my nine into his spine
If your hardcore, make yourself visible
Light up your blunts, and just roll with the criminals

[Verse 3]
Boom goes the shotty, into your body
'Coz I like living wild, like John Gotti
When they say I don't give a fuck that means anybody
So who the fuck you think you are, nigga somebody?
Check how I get down, cock the tray pounds
The first to make a sound, is the first to cop six rounds
From the revolver, burn and churn like lava
Tie em' up then throw em' in the harbor
My mind changes, forces me to shoot strangers
You don't know me so your life's in danger
I'm un-tamable, mind un-explainable
When I bug and pump slugs in your cranium
I see you scheming so I'm reaching for my tool
Come on bad boy I give you three to make a move
He seen the 9 mil and the anger from my grill
I cock back the steel, and let 21 spill
Into his brain, at point blank range
'Coz I'm a criminal minded thug on the verge of going insane
So let it rain as I inflict pain
And give migraines to the punks who can't hang
With the underground funk bandit, God damn it
My mind is like a bomb and I'm blowing up the planet
Mentally [????]
When I load up my thoughts cock it back and then spit
Some hardcore, literature, at you, immature, amateurs
Don't you know PayDay will damage your
B R O O K L Y N, like the state pends so if your weak don't come in
Give me respect and respect you shall get
But if I don't get mine then you'll niggas don't get shit


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