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5c5e403d2011-07-12 18:47:33hylomRevert "fix to compile without subwcrev.exe" This revert...
936d8d4c2011-03-03 20:00:20hylomstart translation some UI texts
b6461c202011-03-03 19:47:02hylomfix to compile without subwcrev.exe
5f1337b02011-03-02 03:45:17dynaflashMacGui: Remove Target Size as a rate control option as it...
a562bc4d2011-03-01 09:37:34jstebbinssilence compiler warning about const char * git-svn-id:...
635ffebb2011-03-01 09:06:41jstebbinsinitialize title->angle_count to 1 sources that don't sup...
955d37302011-03-01 08:19:04jstebbinsLinGui: missed removing a part of target file size code ...
d624933d2011-03-01 07:00:26jstebbinsFix PFR issue where there are different number of frames ...
8296b6742011-02-28 03:41:24jstebbinsbump ffmpeg from git-185a155 to git-0b32da9 fixes win64 c...
b08520012011-02-28 01:33:55sr55WinGui: - Fix an issue that was causing queue processing ...

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