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27b7d2262019-12-26 16:02:30Chih-Wei HuangMake the icons more visible
c61bc3152019-12-26 16:01:24Chih-Wei HuangFix pin dialog crashing I don't know the root cause and ...
2c2f827d2019-12-24 01:57:43Chih-Wei HuangReplace android.support.v4.app by AndroidX AndroidX is a...
b076107d2019-10-08 19:22:42Chih-Wei HuangFix building issues with pie-x86
b48c45b72018-03-01 15:46:46Chih-Wei HuangRemove the usage of junit.framework.Assert It's not buil...
1f0bc59a2018-02-02 11:16:18Chih-Wei HuangRemove unused code
cd2f8cce2018-02-02 11:14:23Chih-Wei Huangjni: correct the database path It was moved to the devic...
b11c59622018-02-01 23:52:34Chih-Wei Huangjni: fix log of su Sync changes from upstream: git://git...
9ace3dcb2016-09-08 00:58:02Chih-Wei Huanginit.superuser.rc: correct the SELinux domain
1fc4df052016-01-06 09:11:34Paulo Sergio TravagliaFixes for koush's Superuser on marshmallow Koush Superus...

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