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466781807043 2023-05-26 16:34:07 Lorenzo Isella tip Small improvements to one plot.
5919f8b54a19 2023-05-26 16:08:22 Lorenzo Isella I improved the plots and I now create decent panel plots.
3f27fcd0885f 2023-05-25 20:35:46 Lorenzo Isella I now use ggcharts to quickly make good barplots!
07fcfecfb48c 2023-05-25 16:58:20 Lorenzo Isella I fixed a bug.
63a2ffa3dbf3 2023-05-25 16:47:12 Lorenzo Isella I modified the code.
b8ee1cf10393 2023-05-11 22:32:48 Lorenzo Isella A script to calculate some covid stats.
7ad70b93c0eb 2023-05-05 19:28:32 Lorenzo Isella I merged some heads.
e946b59fa3b6 2023-05-05 19:27:18 Lorenzo Isella I now use also another file for the used and approuved aid.
4d45b9364cd5 2023-05-04 00:25:25 Lorenzo Isella Now I also recode the instruments.
149f52fc5c39 2023-05-03 20:59:31 Lorenzo Isella Now the code can process the large tam from PL.

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tip 466781807043 2023-05-26 16:34:07 Lorenzo Isella


Name Rev. Time Author Message
default 466781807043 2023-05-26 16:34:07 Lorenzo Isella Small improvements to one p...

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