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56ddb2252024-06-18 10:47:01johnnkpDisable Windows 8.1+ media key
967e07622024-06-17 23:52:32johnnkpnsWindowsPackageManager: Remove Windows 8+ code
378d49932024-06-16 00:43:48johnnkpWindowsUIUtils: Remove Windows 8+ code
0876cd382024-06-15 22:29:52johnnkpRemove IsUserCetAvailableInEnvironment call
1c0b6fb52024-06-15 20:37:38johnnkpnsSystemInfo: Remove GetPackageFamilyName call
37a52d5c2024-06-15 18:45:32johnnkpRemoteUtils: Remove GetPackageFamilyName call
0b5f314d2024-06-15 17:33:20johnnkpLaunchUnelevated: Remove GetPackageFamilyName call
975468782024-06-14 20:41:53johnnkpEnable virtual graphic acceleration
8a4157342024-06-14 20:38:30johnnkpRemove RtlAddGrowableFunctionTable call
a4eb06692024-06-14 19:10:06johnnkpAlways use GetSystemTimeAsFileTime
An explanation of the Firefox Source Code Directory Structure and links to
project pages with documentation can be found at:


For information on how to build Firefox from the source code and create the patch see:


If you have a question about developing Firefox, and can't find the solution
on https://firefox-source-docs.mozilla.org/, you can try asking your question on Matrix at chat.mozilla.org in `Introduction` (https://chat.mozilla.org/#/room/#introduction:mozilla.org) channel.

Nightly development builds can be downloaded from:

            - or -

Keep in mind that nightly builds, which are used by Firefox developers for
testing, may be buggy.

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