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Mamoru Sakaue / MwGhennndo's History

[Git] commits were pushed to 'current' (current: dcf3472736a606f4d9d9e89915e880c68252b887)
The HISTORY description about the adaption to the specification change to disallow colon characte...
[Git] commits were pushed to 'current' (current: edbecbaf3b7c91f0d5faa82f7c0ab7384b24020c)
[BUG FIX] Adapt to the specification change of make(1) that disallows colon characters in the cur...
[Git] commits were pushed to 'current' (current: 5402e67265bce018f05ec1efe3bd4fc469da76cd)
[BUG FIX] The signal trapping mechanism showed a wrong behavior when the termination happened bef...
[Git] commits were pushed to 'current' (current: ca16d3a9fb3521d40a4457fce5f6305939c33a49)
[BUG FIX] As of OS version 13, the specification change of grep(1) caused "empty (sub)expression"...
[Git] commits were pushed to 'current' (current: a8a6a1334abcdd963ab32e851d14551b9646effa)
[BUG FIX] Packages for which the flavor mechanism is newly introduced sometimes had their old pac...
[Git] commits were pushed to 'current' (current: 5352629bd304d055e92451c7f4d0fb925e7dcd31)
Corrected the wrong version definition. Changes to be committed: modified: lib/
[Git] commits were pushed to 'current' (current: 7d7456932724d3d625c3dcf1c40c50de89260f1d)
Version corrected. Changes to be committed: modified: lib/
[Git] commits were pushed to 'current' (current: fa3bd204612e89de3fe1e01d2b73cf9b609c2ed2)
Fixed bugs caused by incomplete corrections related to function pkg_info_flavored_originsi(). C...
[Git] commits were pushed to 'current' (current: 802e6293b38ca05a3d2e4309b8e3a7a951e891d3)
[BUG FIX] Packages of the same origin with different flavors were not processed correctly. Chan...
[Git] commits were pushed to 'current' (current: 12c96c00c54d1b56c2472457377339c11e0a00d9)
[IMPROVED] Adapt to the behavior change grep(1) as of 12.0-RELEASE that the case distinction is i...
[Git] commits were pushed to 'current' (current: c97978d1de45f00d3348cd6e1844ec650f270159)
[IMPROVED] Adapt to the specification change of pkg-create(8) that the default extension of the p...
[File Release] Package 'Version 4.1.0' has been deleted