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a93544712020-07-08 05:00:39Jon WestUpdate back button graphics Thanks again @rogerdott for ...
1b2118322020-06-13 00:40:54utzcozIgnore system ui visibility for decor caption view visibi...
446ec1472020-06-12 16:50:10utzcozReset pointer icon type after leaving resizing region We...
f3b4e6b22020-06-12 00:24:15utzcozSupport persist window bounds 1. Add methods in WMS to s...
b30338162020-06-11 21:16:55utzcozAdd back button for freeform window Signed-off-by: utzco...
1efec9432020-06-11 18:56:23utzcozTrigger resize when window from freeform to fullscreen I...
49e78b012020-06-11 18:12:16utzcozFix drag-resizing jump of freeform When starting to drag...
237353422020-05-21 10:52:43Chih-Wei HuangFix ime_switcher icon misplaced Copy code from Android 10.
970b19102020-05-06 11:35:57Chih-Wei Huang Android 9.0.0 release 56 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- ...
39c9bf272020-04-29 04:41:29Christopher TateVerify all possible hosts that match web nav Even if an ...

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