List of Projects Carlos B. Feitoza Filho is involved in

AngelFire MDK BOT Starter 2003

In the 1990s, in the Quake fever, numerous bot systems for player training emerged. The initialization of these bots along with the game was done by command line and, in order to facilitate the bot initialization, I created Starter, a p...

Anak Krakatoa Delphi Framework

This is not just another suite of libraries for Delphi, its goal is much more comprehensive and audacious. With a library of functions, components and experts focused on practicality and versatility, "Krakatoa" (KRK) aims to c...

Brutal Delphi

This is the repository of the "Brutal Delphi" course examples

Check-In / Check-out

Este é um simples programa que encapsula chamadas ao sistema de controle de frequência do TJPE, facilitando o processo de entrada e saída

Delphi PNG Support (DXCME)

= Delphi PNG Support (Delphi Experts Consortium Mantained Edition) This is the PNGDelphi library developed by Gustavo Daud and integrated into VCL since the xx version of Delphi (Delphi xx). Minimum modifications will be made to it, ...

Delphi Source History

The Delphi Source History is a system that allows the user to query information (metadata) about the units of various versions of Delphi in order to know in which specific version of Delphi a particular thing came into existence. This t...

Delphi Source Parser

The Delphi Source Parser, as the name suggests, is a program that reads .pas files and interprets them, thus obtaining a large amount of information about what is written on them


The Facebook Tools (FT for short) is a set of tools for Facebook using simple scrap techniques

ID3v2 Editor Plus!

This program was 100% developed in Delphi (VCL). It is intended for editing and creating the latest version of TAG ID3v2 (2.3.x) in MP3 files, allowing, in addition to the common information, to include PNG images and lyrics of the song...

Insta Likes

The Insta Likes is a so called "scraping software", capable of mimic http requests to automate some Instagram actions.

CAIE Integrator

Allow export of files generated by SICASE

Mantis Monitor

This is a little program to monitor and notificate users about Mantis Bug Tracker tasks

Notary Stamp Manager

Program for management of notary stamps of the state of Pernambuco


The OnStepper is intended to be an advantageous replacement for the basic OnStep usage programs (actually, Smart Web Server and Android App). It is able to communicate with OnStep via WiFi or direct connection via USB. In both modes,...


== PasRipherals: RPI Peripherals "Pascally" Accessible == The PasRipherals is a totally new and original library to manipulate Raspberry Pi 3 peripherals from Free Pascal. The goal of this library is to be as simple and did...

PNG Components (DXCME)

= PNG Components (Delphi Experts Consortium Maintained Edition) This package contains five original components, created by Martijn Saly, that take advantage of the Delphi PNG library, created by Gustavo Daud and incorporated into VCL...

Quake By Delphi

This is just a personal repository for the port of the Quake fonts for Delphi (Pascal). This is not the official port and should not be used as it were, as it may have additions from me and other tests ''Note: This source code was ma...

SVG Components (DXCME)

= SVG Components (Delphi Experts Consortium Maintained Editon) These are the SVGPackage and SVGImagePackage packages developed by "ekot1" ( which are a compilation of several necessary lib...

User Control (DXCE)

= User Control (Delphi Experts Consortium Edition) = The purpose of this User Control distribution is to unify all available versions in order to become THE definitive distribution of this, which is an excellent component for managin...

VSCode Tasks Highlighters

The VSCode Tasks Highlighters (vth briefly) is a small utility that contains highlighters for output from some popular commands. It comes with support for the Apache Maven command line utility and Oracle WebLogic logging. Other highligh...

Zetta-Ømnis License Manager

The Zetta-Ømnis License Manager is a system to control and block softwares, avoiding unauthorized execution on unregistered machines

Zetta-Ømnis Technology Solutions Examples

Examples of codes made available on my website