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LastUpdate: 2001-08-15 15:41

Start Anything

Start Anything attempts to open files, programs, shell scripts (with an
automatic virtual terminal), URLs, .desktop/.kdelnk/.url files, Java
.jar files and classes, Word documents (using wv), Windows programs
(WINE), etc.

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LastUpdate: 2001-10-16 05:57

SOAP to CORBA bridge

The SOAP to CORBA bridge/translator is written entirely in C++ and shows that it is indeed possible to do a generic translation of SOAP requests to CORBA method invocations and vice versa. This is implemented by using the CORBA Interface repository to match the incoming SOAP request to the corresponding CORBA service, build the dynamic invocation of the CORBA service, and generate the SOAP response (or possibly SOAP fault in the case of a CORBA user exception, for instance).

LastUpdate: 2001-11-18 23:59


Tojo (formerly 31Journal) is a Web-based
collaborative journal system. It works in a manner
similar to a forum or BBS, but does not have a
concept of articles or threads, and instead
displays "entries" as part of a page, with one page
corresponding to a particular day. Other features
include themes, calendar, user preferences,
account maintainence, system configuration,
extensibility via plugins, and a modular system that
allows various database backends to be used.

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LastUpdate: 2002-02-20 16:40


PHPdir is a PHP/MySQL based telephone directory intended for use on a small- to medium-sized corporate intranet. The database is somewhat simplistic and only allows first and last names, title, department name, and phone number/extension.

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