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SeedDMS is a powerful, easy to use document management system forked from and fully compatible with LetoDMS. Many years of development has made it a mature and enterprise-ready plattform for sharing and storing documents.

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ProcessMaker Open Source


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OpenKM Document Management - DMS

OpenKMは、強力でスケーラブルな文書管理システム( DMS )です。 JBoss、J2EE、Ajax web(GWT)、Jackrabbit (lucene) といったオープンソース技術を使用しています。詳細は、

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Joget Workflow

Joget Workflow is a platform to easily build enterprise Web apps for cloud and mobile. Build full-fledged apps, e.g. CRM, HR, Healthcare, etc. Drag and drop forms, lists, and UI elements. Add workflows to automate processes. Extend via plugins. Apps are mobile optimized and cloud ready. Download ready made apps from the Joget Marketplace.

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RunaWFE は、ワークフロー/BPM/BPMS エンジンをベースに JBOSS JBPM とアクティヴィティ (Java で書かれた)。ビジネス プロセス管理のためのクロス プラットフォーム エンド ユーザー ソリューションです。Tasklist、フォーム プレーヤー、グラフィカル プロセス デザイナー、自動ボットより豊富な web インターフェイスを提供します

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Makeflow is a workflow engine for executing large complex applications on clusters, clouds, and grids. It can be used to drive several different distributed computing systems, including Condor, SGE, and the included Work Queue system. It does not require a distributed filesystem, so you can use it to harness whatever collection of machines you have available. It is typically used for scaling up data-intensive scientific applications to hundreds or thousands of cores.

LastUpdate: 2017-07-25 22:27

Shark - Java Open Source XPDL Workflow

Enhydra サメ ・ プロジェクトの違いとワークフロー サーバーを提供します。それは、拡張と埋め込み可能な Java オープン ソース ワークフロー エンジン フレームワーク WfMC 仕様に完全に基づく標準的な実装を含みます。

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Yaoqiang XPDL Editor

遥墻 XPDL エディター (YXE) は WfMC 仕様 (XPDL 2.1 および 1.0) に準拠して、ワークフロー プロセス定義のグラフィカルなエディターです。

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Maarch Archiving DMS

Maarch は、専用電子処理およびドキュメントの高ボリュームのアーカイブに PHP ドキュメント管理システムです。OAIS ベース電子アーカイブ、ワークフロー、スキャン コネクタ、郵便室管理、ライフ サイクル、レプリケーションに Maarch が含まれます。Maarch は、ISO14721、ISO15489 (ISO14641)、電子アーカイブの規制に準拠していますが、コンテンツ管理、バージョン管理、ワークフロー、office テンプレート、統計などのような便利な機能も提供します。ドキュメントは強力なセキュリティ ポリシーとセキュリティ保護し、アーカイブ情報パッケージ (AIP) に含まれています。

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Enhydra Shark

Shark is an extendable Java workflow engine framework including a standard implementation completely based on WfMC and OMG specifications using XPDL (without any proprietary extensions) as its native workflow process definition format and the WfMC "ToolAgents" API for server-side execution of system activities.
It has well defined client interface, as well as its internal component interface.

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Enhydra JaWE

Enhydra JaWE (Java Workflow Editor) is an XPDL2.1 based graphical workflow process editor fully adhering to WfMC specifications. It can be used to edit or view any XPDL file which conforms to WfMC specifications. It works with several open source and commercial workflow engines, like Enhydra Shark, WfmOpen, OBE, and OfBiz. It has participated in a WfMC interoperability demo where it was used to handle XPDLs from Fujitsu, TIBCO, and the Enhydra Shark engine.

LastUpdate: 2012-01-26 21:47

OpenGroupware Coils

OpenGroupware Coils is a Python port of the venerable OpenGroupware project. It is backward compatible and can be installed in parallel with legacy versions of OpenGroupware. It provides additional features including an AMQP-based service architecture and a BPML-based workflow engine. The workflow engine includes the ability to read and write a variety of file formats, operate on relational database services, and a variety of common actions required to automate various tasks. Groupware resources and workflow route, processes, and formats.can be managed via WebDAV. Groupware functionality can also be accessed via the zOGI XML-RPC API just as with legacy ZideStore servers.

LastUpdate: 2013-06-26 21:27

Imixs Workflow

The Imixs Workflow project offers a Java based BPM framework to build workflow management systems (WFMS) in a fast and easy way. The project provides different components and sub-projects that contribute to the development of workflow solutions in any kind of Java or Java EE application. The goal of this project is to offer an easy-to-use Java based technology with a focus on human based workflow. This means that the Imixs Workflow is typically applied to human-to-human workflow applications. But it can also be used for technical business process management solutions (BPM). The Imixs JEE Workflow is a full featured Workflow Management System (WFMS) based on the JEE specification. The project extends the Imixs Workflow API project to fulfill the requirements to a scalable, transactional, robust and simple deployable Java EE Workflow System. The Project provides different service components (EJBs) to be used in any kind of BPM application.

LastUpdate: 2020-02-05 19:02

itop - ITSM & CMDB OpenSource

IT 運用ポータル: 完全なオープン ソース、ITIL、web ベースのサービス管理ツール完全にカスタマイズ可能な CMDB、ヘルプデスク システム、文書管理ツールなど。iTop では、大量のインポート ツールとあなたのことを統合する web サービスも提供しています

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