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FleXML reads a DTD (Document Type Definition)
describing the format of XML documents and
produces a validating XML processor with an
interface to support XML applications. Because the
DTD is known in advance, the C code generated is
much more efficient than equivalent code using an
API such as SAX.

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LastUpdate: 2002-02-12 15:24

DocBook to LaTeX using Perl

dblup (Docbook to LaTeX using Perl) enables easy and quick conversion from DocBook documents to valid, human-readable LaTeX markup. It only supports a very small subset of the DocBook-DTD.

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LastUpdate: 2002-06-12 04:37

AlcoveBook DTD and stylesheets

AlcoveBook DTD and stylesheets is a strict subset
of the DocBook DTD. The ultimate goal is to provide
a series of DTDs for enterprise use, commercial
proposal, whitepaper, etc. For now, this is one
single SGML DTD. The stylesheets are usable with
both DocBook and AlcoveBook. They include a set
of extensions over Norman Walsh's modular
docbook stylesheets (docbook-dsssl), and a book-
like layout for articles.

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refdb-mode is a minor mode for Emacs that implements an interface to RefDB, a reference management and bibliography tool for SGML, XML, LaTeX, and Muse documents. It integrates nicely with psgml, nxml-mode, AucTeX, and muse-mode. refdb-mode provides the complete functionality of the RefDB command line clients
from a graphical interface. You can add and edit references, notes, and styles, run queries, and insert the results as citations into your DocBook, TEI, LaTeX, or Muse documents. You can also look up cited references in the database right from your document. You can create, transform, and view these documents with a mouse click. This amounts to an integrated authoring environment for markup languages with reference management and bibliography support.

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LastUpdate: 2001-02-01 05:10


ydSLitProg is an SGML DTD intended to write literate programs. It is only a prototype for now, and comes with an sgmlspl spec file which converts an ydSLitProg file into a CWEB file. A converter from ydSLitProg to FWEB is being written as well.

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