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TinyFCK integrates the TinyMCE rich text editor with
FCKEditor's file manager and uploader. TinyFCK
combines the advantages of TinyMCE's features with a
free file manager.

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LastUpdate: 2010-07-25 00:20

Natural Docs

Natural Docs is a documentation generator for multiple programming languages. You document your code in a natural syntax that reads like plain English. Natural Docs then scans your code and builds high-quality HTML documentation from it.

LastUpdate: 2010-04-20 15:16


The unixODBC project provides Unix applications with the same ODBC 3.51 API and facilities available under Windows. It provides a Driver Manager that supports the full ODBC API and performs the ODBC 3 to ODBC 2 translations with UNICODE to ANSI conversion. It also includes a set of graphical utilities that allow users to specify connections to DBMSes to be used by applications, a collection of ODBC drivers including a simple text based driver, an NNTP driver, a Postgres driver and others, and a selection of templates and libraries that to aid in the construction of ODBC drivers. It works with MySQL, Postgres, StarOffice/OpenOffice, Applixware, iHTML, PHP, Perl DBD::ODBC, and many other applications and drivers. Connection pooling is also provided to increase performance with applications such as PHP.

LastUpdate: 2011-01-21 22:50


Visifire is a set of data visualization components powered by Microsoft Silverlight. It lets you create and embed visually stunning animated Silverlight Charts within minutes. Visifire is easy to use and independent of the server side technology. It can be used with ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, or just simple HTML. Visifire's unique features are visually stunning animated charts, the ability to be embedded into any Web page in minutes, a tiny footprint (140 KB), and enterprise grade features.

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LastUpdate: 2010-09-01 14:28


CouchDB4CF は、!ColdFusion のファサードのマーカス ・ r ・ Breese ( によって書かれた使いやすい CouchDB4J プロジェクトをカプセル化したオブジェクトのセットです。このプロジェクトの目標は CouchDB のデータベースへのアクセスを簡素化します。

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LastUpdate: 2007-02-02 17:21

Java IP (InetAddress) Locator

IP アドレスからルックアップ国コードと言語の Java や !ColdFusion ライブラリ。検索を実行高速で、正確な国コードの WHOIS データベースのローカル コピーを使用します。ログ分析、国際化、地理位置情報などに適しています.

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LastUpdate: 2016-08-30 08:58


HTMLArea 4 は、ブラウザ ベース WYSIWYG エディターを簡単に web ページでテキストを置き換えます。Java スクリプトの設定を任意の近代的な web ブラウザーで任意のページの使用に適してあなたのウェブサイトに書き込まれます。現在のバージョンは 4.0 20130724 です。

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LastUpdate: 2004-07-08 10:17


The Template Abstraction Layer Library for XSLT is a Java
library that allows a programmer to use XSLT as a template
engine. This library takes the ideas from Web template
engines like Smarty and uses XSLT as the template

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LastUpdate: 2011-05-22 09:10


cfsqlite handles setting up access to SQLite database files as data sources in ColdFusion, and provides convenience functions for clearing and creating empty databases and also a rudimentary mapping of database rows to ColdFusion objects.

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LastUpdate: 2001-05-23 17:02

CFX_ECHO Secure Payment Cold Fusion Tag

ECHO Custom Tag drives all types of real-time
credit card and check transactions using ECHO
merchant processing?s free secure payment gateway
and open-source real-time software. Support
available at Supports System
check, Address Verification, Authorization,
Authorization and Deposit, Authorization and
Deposit with Address Verification, Authorization
with Address Verification, Deposit, Credit,
Commercial Card, and Electronic Check Debit.
Designed to be easily integrated into e-commerce
applications. Can be used for ISP/IPP billing
using client check information. Checks are
processed as ACH transactions. Includes all credit
card functionality.

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LastUpdate: 2007-02-07 05:06


JavaInetLocator is a Java library to look up the country code and language associated with an IP address. It uses a local copy of the WHOIS database to perform fast, accurate lookups of country codes. It is useful for log analysis, internationalization, geolocation, and more.

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LastUpdate: 2008-09-16 00:16



개발 현황: 2 - Pre-Alpha
대상: Developers
라이센스: Apache License V2.0
자연 언어: Japanese
운영 체제: OS Independent
프로그래밍 언어: Cold Fusion
User Interface: Web Environment
Register Date: 2008-07-15 01:35
LastUpdate: 2006-01-03 07:30

Staden Package

The Staden Package is a set of interactive tools
for DNA sequence assembly and editing, as well as
DNA and protein sequence analysis, the best known
of which is "gap4".

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자연 언어: Japanese
프로그래밍 언어: Cold Fusion, JavaScript
Register Date: 2006-09-18 03:56
LastUpdate: 2008-10-24 21:35



개발 현황: 4 - Beta
대상: Developers
자연 언어: Japanese
운영 체제: OS Independent
프로그래밍 언어: Cold Fusion, Java
User Interface: Web Environment
Register Date: 2008-08-04 21:43