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GroundWork Monitor Community Edition

GroundWork Monitor Community Edition can give you insight into your computing infrastructure, allowing you to see the current and historical states of all your computers: servers, desktops, and laptops, all of your network devices, all of your services (like TCP/IP and Web services), and all of your applications (like mail servers and database apps). You can choose to be alerted when something goes awry via pager, SMS, email, or phone, and even set up automatic restarts or fall-overs.

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Droopy lets your friends upload files to your computer using their Web

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Avalon is Apache's Java Server Framework project. It is separated into
six subprojects: Framework, Excalibur, LogKit, Cornerstone, Phoenix,
and Apps. Its purpose is to simplify server side programming for
Java-based projects. It formalizes several best practices and patterns
for server side programming. Framework describes the interfaces and
contracts for the component-based architecture. Excalibur provides a
number of useful components and utilities. LogKit is a logging
implementation. Cornerstone is a group of reusable server components
and services. Phoenix is an enterprise container implementation that
uses all of the other subprojects to automatically deploy and manage
one or more componentized servers. Apps is a home for several
Phoenix-compatible server applications and reusable components (like

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Apache UIMA Java SDK

UIMA SDK is a software architecture and framework for supporting the development, integration, and deployment of search and analysis technologies. It can be used to analyze large volumes of unstructured information (text, audio, video, images, etc.) to discover, organize, and deliver relevant knowledge to the client or application end user.

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analyze is a tool for studying the raw logs generated by an Apache HTTP server. With no options, it gives page and count, hacks, 404s, and bandwidth. It has options for remote address with pages and counts; bots by robots.txt and page requests, downloads by IP and time, hacks by IP and time, referrers, and user-agents not listed as BOTS. Users of analyze must adjust the USER CONST section of the script to suit their own logs. It comes set to interpret a deep server's logs, but that is easily changed.

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자연 언어: English
운영 체제: OS Independent
프로그래밍 언어: Python
User Interface: Web Environment
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Chandler is a standards-based "Note-to-Self Organizer" designed for personal and small-group task management and calendaring. It consists of a desktop application and Chandler Hub, a free sharing service and Web application. You can also download and run your own Chandler Server.

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eForum is server side software that enables geographically distant participants to share ideas and enhance teamwork via the Web. It allows project moderators to manage feedback and project discussions, and can display interactive Q&A tools.

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The Netty project is an effort to provide an asynchronous, event-driven network application framework and tools for rapid development of maintainable, high-performance, high-scalability protocol servers and clients. In other words, Netty is a NIO client server framework that enables quick and easy development of network applications such as protocol servers and clients. It simplifies and streamlines network programming such as TCP and UDP socket servers.

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PIT is a fast bytecode based mutation testing system for Java that makes it possible to test the effectiveness of your unit tests. You can think of mutation testing as either as an automated test of your tests or as a much more in-depth form of code coverage. Unlike traditional line and branch coverage tools, PIT does not just confirm that your tests execute your code, it confirms that your tests are actually able to detect faults in it.

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LastUpdate: 2006-01-27 00:58

NTLM Authorization Proxy Server

'NTLM Authorization Proxy Server' (APS) is a proxy software that allows you to authenticate via an MS Proxy Server using the proprietary NTLM protocol. APS has the ability to behave as a standalone proxy server and authenticate HTTP clients at Web servers using the NTLM protocol. It can change arbitrary values in your client's request headers so that those requests will look like they were created by MS IE. It is written in Python 1.5.2.

LastUpdate: 2014-05-21 03:15


PRUN is a high-throughput computing software framework for coarse-grained distributed parallelization of computationally intensive tasks. It provides a job queueing mechanism, job scheduling, a priority scheme, resource monitoring, and resource management. PRUN is a lightweight, easy-to-use, full-featured, stable solution to run short-term or long-term jobs across the cluster.

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Restlet is a REST framework for Java. It supports all REST concepts
(Resource, Representation, Connector, Component, etc.) and is suitable
for both client and server Web applications. It supports major Web
standards like HTTP, SMTP, XML, JSON, WADL, and Atom. Many extensions
are also available to integrate with Servlet, Spring, Jetty, Grizzly,
Simple, JAXB, JAX-RS, JiBX, Velocity, or FreeMarker. A GWT version is
also available.

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LastUpdate: 2011-01-25 22:28

Easy Hosting Control Panel for Ubuntu

Easy Hosting Control Panel for Ubuntu is designed for hosting multiple domains on a single machine. It aims to be easy to install and use, simple, and functional. It currently supports Apache, DNS, MySQL, FTP, and email configuration. It mainly uses the apt-get install system, so it can be installed on any Debian-based distribution, including Ubuntu. It features one-click installs, subdomains, password protected domains, email forwarding, domain transfer to another user, multiple templates, server backup and restore, and different menus for the server administrator, reseller, and domain administrator.

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MirrorBrain is a framework to run a content delivery network using mirror servers. It solves a challenge that many popular open source projects face: a flood of download requests, often magnitudes more than a single site could practically handle. A central (and probably the most obvious) part is a "download redirector" that automatically redirects requests from Web browsers or download programs to a mirror server near them. Choosing a suitable mirror for a user's request is the key, and MirrorBrain uses geolocation and global routing data to make a sensible choice and achieve load-balancing for the mirrors at the same time. The algorithm is both sophisticated and easy to control and tune. In addition, MirrorBrain monitors mirrors, scans them for files, generates mirror lists, and more.

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nginx is an HTTP server and mail proxy server. It
has been running for more than two years on many
heavily loaded Russian sites, including Rambler
( In March 2007, about 20% of
all Russian virtual hosts were served or proxied
by nginx.

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