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Roles UI

Roles UI is a graphic interface library for Ruby on Rails which provides the ability to manage roles and permissions in realtime for applications which use Cancan. It is a Rails engine, so it has its own namespace. You can reach Roles UI in /roles_ui. Roles UI consist of two main entities, Role and Permission. Each Role may have a permission set. Roles belongs to users. Roles UI extends your User model so you don't need to create this association. By default, Roles UI is configured to work with the User model.

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자연 언어: English
운영 체제: OS Independent
프로그래밍 언어: JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby
LastUpdate: 2009-09-19 10:22


rsed solves one of the limitations of sed:
recursion. It is an interface script that provides
a few other useful features besides recursion: the
ability to test expressions easily before
performing modifications and automatically saving
the original files.

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LastUpdate: 2013-08-30 16:55

Aspose.Pdf for Cloud

Aspose.Pdf for Cloud is a REST API to create, edit, and manipulate PDF files. It also convert PDF files to DOC, DOCX, HTML, XPS, TIFF, etc. You can create a new PDF either from scratch or from HTML, XML, a template, a database, XPS, or an image. A PDF file can also be rendered to JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and many other image formats. It works with many languages, including .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python. It is a platform-independent REST API and works with Web, desktop, mobile, and cloud applications. Using the .NET SDK examples, you can replace text in a complete PDF document or choose to replace text on a particular page in a PDF file.

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LastUpdate: 2012-12-12 00:51


jGameBase is a Java port of GameBase, a fully-featured retro-gaming emulator frontend and game database utility. It supports virtually any emulator for any system and has versatile database searching and filtering.

LastUpdate: 2013-01-17 00:25


tsuru is a platform as a service with a component-oriented architecture. It provides application orchestration and instrumentation via an extensible interface for support multiple IAAS tools (currently working with Amazon AWS) and deployment management using Git.

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LastUpdate: 2012-12-29 07:53


PunteFramework aims to be a lightweight PHP framework using the MVC architecture. It makes it easier to modify either the visual appearance of an application or the underlying business rules without affecting the other. It will include some libraries especially focused to Nepali developers, and is designed with clean and optimized code, though it may not advanced practices or security measures into consideration for now.

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LastUpdate: 2013-05-07 13:53


NBit computes CRCs with standard (XModem, CRC-32C, etc.) as well as custom polynomials. It also provides a number of useful bit manipulation extension methods.

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LastUpdate: 2013-01-04 21:47


gDesktopChanger is a simple wallpaper changer for GNOME 2 and JDS environments.

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LastUpdate: 2013-02-06 22:50


gpFinder is a file manager based on the elFinder project. Written in JavaScript using jQuery UI, it can be easily integrated with all of the most popular Web editors (elRTE, CKEditor, and TinyMCE).

LastUpdate: 2013-01-28 22:35


izPing is a multi-homed Internet link tester, failover, and recovery bash script for network balanced setups. When called from izBalancing, it automates the process of failover and recovery of connected Internet lines.

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LastUpdate: 2013-05-07 13:52


CryptSharp provides a number of password crypt algorithms: BCrypt, MD5 (and Apache's htpasswd variant), PHPass (WordPress, phpBB, Drupal), SHA256, SHA512, and Traditional and Extended DES. It also includes Blowfish, SCrypt, and PBKDF2 for any HMAC (.NET's built-in PBKDF2 implementation supports only SHA-1). If you are looking to store passwords, odds are CryptSharp will have the algorithm you want.

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운영 체제: OS Independent
프로그래밍 언어: C#
User Interface: .NET/Mono, Toolkits/Libraries
LastUpdate: 2013-05-23 22:18


objSQL is a PHP-based database access layer for multiple database servers. Primarily designed for small-to-medium projects, it uses an "Object Based" approach for handling general database queries. Built-in support for transactions and prepared statements allow for a common interface to all supported database types. Recordset paging is simplified by incorporating the paging method along with many helper methods for general queries. objSQL is easily extended to create your own unique classes and methods.

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LastUpdate: 2013-05-07 13:52


malloc_count provides a set of source code tools that measure the amount of memory allocated to a program at run-time. The code library provides facilities to measure the current and peak heap memory allocation, and write a memory profile for plotting. Furthermore, separate stack_count functions can measure stack usage. The code tool works by intercepting the standard malloc(), free(), etc. functions. Thus no changes are necessary to the inspected source code.

라이센스: MIT/X Consortium License
운영 체제: Linux
프로그래밍 언어: C