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2020-10-06 17:41
MinGW - Minimalist GNU for Windows (Review by paquito)

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pos dificil de instalar no te voy a mentir mi pana

2020-09-05 07:22
KiCad (Review by Chuck)

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Does not scale well with large projects, becoming more of a hindrance than an aid. Just pay the license to the commercial software and save yourself the trouble of having to constantly duplicate information, fish for part models, write simulation pipelines, and hand check every last little detail about your schematic that the software could have reasonably done.
* open source * it's own formats are supported by distributors * active development (for now)
* no database backed schematic and layout * cannot simultaneously view and edit schematics and layouts with others * no integrated version control concept, Git is ill suited for ECAD projects * no 3D viewer for schematics and layouts * limited number of PCB layers * mangles SPICE netlists * no PSPICE support * no IBIS simulator * no EM simulator * no Verilog-AMS simulator * no Verilog support * no export or import to common commercial formats, like OrCAD or Altium * no features to avoid creating duplicate projects for testing subsystems * no constraint checker for any design information * no automatic SPICE/S-Parameter/IBIS model generation * ngspice results viewer is very rudimentary * despite review process, regulators and other parts that come with the preinstalled catalog are sometimes backwards from their SPICE models * claims of an automatic footprint associator are misleading: it will only automatically associate by the "value" field of parts (i.e. no power rating or tolerance, other arbitrary info support) * automatically generated symbols for KiCAD projects are often ugly and misleading: it would be much better for everyone if a 300-pin FPGA just looked like its footprint on the schematic; instead we get six or ten separate 60 or 70 pin rectangular squares with pins that are usually only numbered, not named * automatic symbol generation from datasheets is nonexistent * automatic part information pulling from datasheets is nonexistent * no checking to make sure that parts from distributors actually have all their information filled out that was available, permitting lazy generators that don't embed the freely available models that may be available for the part * no central, internet backed database that is integrated into the software for getting modules, parts, sheets, etc * the module API is mostly useless

2020-08-11 18:35
Android-x86 (Review by superkolo2010pl)

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tyle 9.0 nie odpala ale reszta cziala

2020-07-25 01:34
Linux Lite (Review by Noob Nick)

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Had earlier version of Linux Lite and wanted version 5 but install has been problematic. Balena's Etcher was an issue before; I prefer RUFUS. Kind of silly to have such an accessible OS use etcher as a delivery program for bootable USBs; ETCHER's explanations and support are either non existent or not really for beginners from Windows platforms. This doesn't fit Linux Lite's intended goal. My advice: ditch Balena Etcher and find another means for UEFI support

2020-06-04 06:18
qolibri (Review by newuser)

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It is too old to download on Mac's Catalina system can you please update it? Thank you

2020-05-14 16:26
TortoiseSVN (Review by kou)

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it to old ,when compared to git

2020-04-12 18:29
Manjaro Linux (Review by gentoo_user00004)

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gentoo yükleyin......................................................................
gentoo yükleyin
fuck arch

2019-12-12 06:18
Manjaro Linux (Review by cez)

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first one that really doesn't work for me:( getting invalid or corrupted package error and can't continue the update. edit: I was getting a broken package error, something wrong with python. Took me a while figure out to uninstall blender, update everything and install it again..

2019-09-19 11:59
Android-x86 (Review by Master 2.0)

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Well android for x 86 32bit Oreo won't work for pubg mobile that's the only problem I am facing now I tried reinstalling but to no avail well made something which we can't think of so thank you but plz see to why can't I play pubg mobile its says "pubg mobile is stopping" every time I tried opening it plz help
Works for everything
But not for pubg

2019-09-09 23:11
TuxGuitar (Review by うーん)

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いくらなんでも落ちすぎでは スペックは十分すぎるくらいのWin10ですが異常に落ちます こまめにセーブしないとデータが消えて悲惨な目にあいます