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kinneko ydate****@iodat*****
2003年 4月 3日 (木) 22:15:38 JST


>     ソースについての GPL 問題が本家で指摘されましたね。
>   どんな展開になるのかな...


    空の CD-R を4枚送れば、クラウス氏が焼いて送ってくれるという...

 > Wrong. Read paragraph 3 again. The written offer is in the directory
 > KNOPPIX on the CD, in multiple languages. If you REALLY don't manage
 > to find sources for the Debian packages (btw, you could just have
 > downloaded newer versions of the packages that usually contain the
 > original source and diffs), just send me 4 empty CD-Rs with a return
 > envelope and I will send you the sources that you want. This is,
 > as stated in the written offer, valid for 3 years from the release date
 > of the individual CD.

    クラウス氏サイン入りのソース CD がもらえるチャンスかもしれま

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