The New Anthy Has Been Available
2023-02-04 10:57 (by maroujin)

Since February 4th, "Anthy Unicode" is available.

The following packages are now available:

  • anthy-unicode (main programme)
  • kasumi-unicode (dictionary Tool)
  • fcitx-anthy-unicode (wrapper for Fcitx4)
  • fcitx5-anthy-unicode (wrapper for Fcitx5)
  • IBus-anthy-unicode (wrapper for IBus)

PKGBUILD is located in the Git repository.

Anthy is a Japanese input method engine licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Development has been slow since 2009, but in 2021, under the agreement of former developer, Tabata, a project called "Anthy Unicode" was started by Takao Fujiwara and other volunteers.

Also, as you can see in this post, Anthy wrappers for Fcitx (including 5) and IBus will be created for the Unicode version first.

We will maintain the package on our own, but if you feel like it, we will post it to AUR.

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