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2023-06-05 21:32 (by maroujin)

Univalent uses "Anthy Unicode" (anthy-unicodeunivalent-stable) as the default Japanese input engine.
Anthy Unicode is being developed on GitHub as a successor to Anthy, and is also available on Slackware and Fedora.
The (Show more...)

2023-06-05 21:30 (by maroujin)

Univalentでは、標準の日本語入力エンジンに「Anthy Unicode」(anthy-unicodeunivalent-stable)を採用しています。
Anthy UnicodeはAnthyの後継プロジェクトとしてGitHubで開発が行なわれており、SlackwareやFedoraでも利用可能です。
Unicode版は (Show more...)


2023-06-04 11:47 (by maroujin)

In this news, it was said that "unsigned repositories will be abolished within half a year", but it will be abolished on 15 June, exactly half a year later.
In the future, you will only be able to download from signed rep (Show more...)

2023-06-04 11:46 (by maroujin)

今後は署名済みリポジトリからのダウンロードに限定されるので、22.12版(/versionに記載)以前をお使いの方で、まだリ (Show more...)


2023-05-30 12:59 (by maroujin)

There are some defects such as the desktop icons, the IME panel and the Clipboard Manager are not displayed in the version before 23.04.
This is because an extension compatibility check is performed. You have to disable it.
gsetti (Show more...)

2023-05-30 12:59 (by maroujin)

gsettings set (Show more...)


2023-05-22 09:15 (by maroujin)

The repository consolidation was going on upstream, but it seems to have been completed before dawn to morning today Japan time.
As I told you the other day, "/etc/pacman.conf" needs to be corrected, so please correct it (Show more...)

2023-05-22 09:15 (by maroujin)

1. pacman.confをダウンロードする。
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2023-05-20 23:00 (by maroujin)

There was official news from Arch:
It looks like the Git package migration will take place from the morning of May 19 to 21.
Details of the reorganisationextra / community - (Show more...)

2023-05-20 23:00 (by maroujin)

再編内容extra / community - 前者を存続リポジトリとして合併。合併 (Show more...)
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