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Revision29518 (tree)
Time2023-01-28 22:47:51

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add note about how to get the menu items listed

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--- trunk/www/source/visualstudio.html (revision 29517)
+++ trunk/www/source/visualstudio.html (revision 29518)
@@ -33,6 +33,10 @@
3333 <img src="/assets/img/VS_externaltools-small.png" alt="VS_externaltools" width="200" height="195">
3434 </a>
3535 <p>
36+ Note: you might have to first open a document in VisualStudio and then right-click on the tab
37+ header to show the context menu. Otherwise the Easy MDI Document Window context menu doesn’t show up in the Customize dialog.
38+ </p>
39+ <p>
3640 Add the name of the command, the path to <em>TortoiseProc.exe</em>
3741 and then the parameters for the command.
3842 </p>
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