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Sudokuki is a free graphical SUDOKU game: Sudokuki solves even the most difficult sudoku grids for you - Generate a sudoku - Play sudoku - Print a sudoku... Already available in 13 languages. Just download and play! Sudokuki is Free Software devel...


First of all, you need Java in order to run Sudokuki. If you don't already have Java on your machine, you can find it here: Download a Sudokuki binary... Show How to Install


Sudokuki is easy to use. Just try it out and have fun! Show Usage


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2011-07-13 17:35
Review by Sylvain Vedrenne

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スードクキが好きですか?教えてください。 よろしくお願いします。 シルヴァン --- As the author, I recommend this project :-) Please try it out and give me your feedback!
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