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EPESI is a CRM web application for managing business information: store, organize, process, link and share records between people within a single company or organization.

The standard features include CRM modules like shared calendar, tasks and address book, an integrated e-mail client Roundcube and unique solutions like advanced permission system, easy form filling (Click2Fill), record change tracking (Watchdog) and full record history.

EPESI CRM is built on top of a high level PHP/Ajax framework with modular design that can be easily customized and modified to match your processes and workflow. The EPESI framework allows rapid development of custom modules and extending functionality of the basic CRM package into full ERP application.

Examples of modules created with EPESI CRM:
List Manager
Campaign Manager
Inventory Management System
Project Tracking for Construction Industry
Medical Records Management System
Scheduling and Attendance Tracking for school

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