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A library in C for DOS that allows you to create GUI windows and widgets using ASCII characters in text mode.


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    • DEMOLD.C (날짜: 2011-07-11, 크기: 13.64 KB)
    • AWTKDEMO.H (날짜: 2011-07-11, 크기: 721 B )
    • DEMO1.C (날짜: 2011-07-11, 크기: 6.40 KB)
    • MAIN.C (날짜: 2011-07-11, 크기: 494 B )
    • APP.C (날짜: 2011-07-11, 크기: 5.84 KB)

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2021-04-22 15:44
Review by unetanel

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the file date would be an important datum
no file date on page. in the file itself Copyright (C) 2009 is in the header but I still have doubts about the meaning of that

2013-09-16 11:23
Review by Anonymous

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