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This is a list of general updates. For more detailed updated for each release, please check the changelogs in the downloads section

Rolling changelog for the scioncp package here ChangeLogscioncp
Realtime blog/changelog for future version 18.3 Venus is here : ChangeLogVenus

NEW - Officially releasing the planned Scion CodeNames list. These are of course subject to change.

Parallel development - 20 April 2018

With less than a week left until Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release, it's now just a matter of waiting for the last rush of updates to finish. Once the final updates are in, Scion 18.3 Venus can go through final testing before release.

The CodeNames list has been added to the Wiki.

Parallel development - 26 March 2018

Scion 18.2.6 Mercury has been released to fix various issues with 18.2.4. Scion 18.3 Venus is has also been developed at the same time, and is still being kept up to date. The latest Mercury download is available now in the downloads section. Venus is being updated alongside incoming updates from Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver.

ISO's being moved - 4 March 2018

Currently in the process of moving everything from Sourceforge to OSDN. The ISO files have moved, but it will take more time to setup all the Wiki's and forums etc.

Scion 18.2.4 - Testing new installer - 20 February 2018

New installer, and new Plymouth boot screens. Also reverting to Kernel 4.4 (patched) for now because of a few issues. More info in the changelogs.

Scion 18.2 - Extra info - updated 13 February 2018

# 18.2 "Mercury" released: Since I had many more downloads than I anticipated, I thought it necessary to skip a few things in order to push out Mercury earlier because I wanted to ensure it was released with a kernel that had the CPU vulnerability patches applied. It was a very late night, but I managed to get it done.

Check the changelog links above for more info.

# Kernel updating: After some testing with kernel versions, the latest stable kernel which has the Meltdown and Spectre patches, and work flawlessly with with Scion is 4.13.0-32-generic and has been included in the Scion 18.2 ISO.

# Nvidia graphics: NVidia drivers are slightly problematic with kernel 4.13. Testing for nvidia-387 and 390 were done and results were poor, especially with hybrid/optimus graphics. Sticking with the nouveau drivers gives decent performance, however, as this is meant to be a lightweight distro, Nvidia driver might not be explored any further. This could change in the future with demand.

Recent Tickets

Bluetooth support2018-03-11 14:05
Add Bluetooth supportdoriandotslash
Ubiquity Slideshow2018-03-11 14:04
Add slide show images during installation within Ubiquity.doriandotslash
Ubiquity GRUB entries2018-03-08 06:09
Ubiquity is creating improperly labelled GRUB items, although they do still function as intended.doriandotslash