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2022-10-31 18:49 (by giuliods)

I made a mess with the licence. Now the LICENCE file should contain only the necessary and the sources should start to contain the reference, (i was lazy about that).
I considered the fact that this program is using a huge library (like sdl2) f (Show more...)


2022-05-15 06:32 (by giuliods)

I moved from raylib to sdl2 for compatibility and some issues i had (nothing unsolvable, just not worthed working on).
Now the repository work almost as before, with the next commits I'll had json compatibility to load and save the displacement (Show more...)


2021-10-22 22:10 (by giuliods)

the library I am actually using (cl-raylib) is no longer available on quicklisp. It is still present in github and it can be installed anyway from there. This makes the instructions in the readme useless and the process harder. So I will put the (Show more...)


2021-09-07 18:59 (by giuliods)

As I said in the last news, I slowed down due to study. It isn't still over, but With end September I would start to implement scenes and an editor.
Now the program render and display a list of layers defined on a
top level list, with the new (Show more...)


2021-04-23 23:08 (by giuliods)

So, the program had this bug where every interaction rewrite the screen, and rewriting the screen it actually load the same image instead of reusing the old ones. In this way every input the ram was loaded more and more occupying gigabytes of ra (Show more...)


2021-04-09 23:04 (by giuliods)

With the last commit I introduced mouse support, so now is possible to select actors with the mouse (any button, but with further updates will probably be left button). I will also introduce the possibility to move actors with the right click an (Show more...)


2021-04-04 18:55 (by giuliods)

The project was redesigned from scratch to make it easier to understand and work on it. As today, the project is composed of three source files: actors.lisp, layers.lisp, sdl.lisp.
Actors.lisp is a pure CL file, where functions, generics and al (Show more...)


2021-04-03 00:40 (by giuliods)

First news on this project, just to make clear this repository is not actually dead, I am working on the source.
I am working on layers, an abstraction of a z axis which will contain images, grid, actors and more. This layers (as in gimp) will (Show more...)
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