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최신 파일 자료

oswan (Oswan1.7)2007-01-17 07:34
OswanJ (rev99)2010-06-08 17:06

Recent Tickets

Commandline Options2006-10-31 18:08
Would it be possible to add a couple of commandline parameters. THe first one would launch a game automatically b...(None)
Translates words to english and spanish.2006-08-07 22:06
Can you make a option where it can translates words to english and spanish.(None)
New ideas.2006-08-07 15:45
Can you add the cheats finder, cheats save and load?(None)
Commandline Options - more2006-07-22 05:25
Flags for the system type, mono or color, would also be nice along with being able to program a keypress for Rese...(None)
Direct3D and OpenGL rendering1970-01-01 09:00
Instead of mandatorily using DirectDraw, it would be nice to have support for Direct3D and OpenGL as well.(None)