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--Maximum usability for programmers Tomoya2011, a 6th grader, has created a new homebrew OS (Linux). Its name is "OSushi Linux". It is a domestically produced Linux for programmers, and development can start as soon as it is installed on a PC. The name comes from "Sushi". Sushi is a typical and very tasty Japanese food. However, it is said that it takes about 10 years to become a craftsman who makes such sushi. I chose this name in the hope that a programmer as amazing as that would be born in Japan. Based on the reflection of the previous Timple OS, it will be a very easy-to-use OS! (It should be).

Announced on June 18, 2023 Mid-July 2023 Development starts Early 2023/08 Scheduled for release

Please look forward to it!

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