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Here making specialize in MIDI softwares and libraries.

  • Sekaiju : MIDI sequencer / editor software.
  • MIDITester : MIDI controller and keyboard software.
  • Auto Drum : Automatic drum peformance software.
  • MIDISelector : MIDI mapper selection software.
  • MIDIIOLibrary(DLL) : MIDI message input and output library.
  • MIDIDataLibrary(DLL) : MIDI data createing and editing library.
  • MIDIClockLibrary(DLL) : MIDI clock measurement library.
  • MIDIStatusLibrary(DLL) : MIDI module status keeping library.
  • MIDIInstrumentLibrary(DLL) : MIDI Instrument definition file library.

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2023-04-24 04:24
Review by Asphe Games

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I needed software that could insert/edit MIDI event markers (FF 06) so I could implement special features in a game. Most other software I would try either didn't support markers or would save them in an odd way.
If you have a great understanding of MIDI files and their structure this is a great tool as it'll enable you and not limit you like some other midi editors. (I taught myself about MIDI files here: Documentation is offline in a PDF :)
It's not visually pretty but it's codebase is probably a work of art ;)

2023-02-04 04:48
Review by Cornutopia

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Great MIDI editing software with good compatibility.

2022-07-23 03:47
Review by Themplanetz

(8 of 9 people found this review helpful)
Amazing software! Thank you so so much!!
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