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Miyo - is simply an acronym for "make it your own". Primarily intended for users with older hardware, MiyoLinux is a very minimal and base system that allows users the freedom to add the software and applications that they want or need without having to remove the ones that they don't want. It's the user's choice to decide what goes on the system in order to make it their own. Based on Devuan and by utilizing Window Managers instead of full Desktop Environments, the system is ideal for (but not limited to) older computers with limited resources.


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2018-06-06 18:54
Review by zepdev

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MiyoLinux has impressed me from the beginning, one of the many Devuan based derivatives that I thought was awesomely presented. Looks and feel mean a lot to me, also stability and configuration just as important. Recommend anyone seeking a rock solid and very pleasant computing experience to try Miyo. Currently have Miyo's awesome wm installed, happy to see the use of connman and a breeze configuring wifi. many attributes to boast here but content with this distro. Keep on truckin!
Attractive dark theme, easy on system resources, very fast.
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