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distribute the mixing font with 'M+' and 'IPA font' for Japanese Users. Project homepage:

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Released at 2012-02-29 20:46
mplus 20120229 Rounded M+ (7 files Hide)

Release Notes

Rounded M+ FONTS

'Rounded M+ FONTS' is a modification of 'M+ OUTLINE FONTS'
in rounded edges.

The license of this font is the same as 'M+ OUTLINE FONTS'.

This release is built with the source of
'M+ OUTLINE FONTS' on 2012-02-24T02:24:00+09:00.

The detailed description (Japanese language)

Rounded M+ FONTS distribution page


Rounded M+(ラウンデッド・エムプラス)はM+フォントを丸ゴシック化したフォントです。




・M+フォントのソースコードを 2012-02-24T02:24:00+09:00 に取得して生成しました。




- fix latin_fullwidth1/uFF10.svg

replace glyph: full-width number '01234567' in M+ 1p/2p/1c/2c/1m/2m/1mn

- fix latin_clear2/0050.svg

replace glyph: alphabet 'P' in M+ 2c