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mp2: Repository summary

Version 2.0 of the minimpy desktop application

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master 55046a2 2022-02-21 23:15:24 Mahmoud Saghaei File system path for statnd...


New Windows version of MinimPy (MinimPy2) is available for downloadt at:


Project name: MinimPy2

Public access: Latest developmental version can be downloaded from sourceforge at: http://scm.osdn.net/gitroot/minimpy2/mp2.git
Operating systems: Platform independent
Programing language: Python 3.0+ (http://python.org/download/)

(Windows) simply download MinimPy2 as a compressed file and extract it in you hard drive. Under windows you can run the application by double clicking the “MinimPy2.exe” file in the extracted folder. No need for installation. You can make a desktop shortcut for this file for convenience.

Linux users must have PySide2 installed
To run the application under Linux, open a terminal, go to the extracted folder, type and execute the following command at the command prompt:
$ python mian_window.py

License: Distributed under the GNU GPL v3. For full terms refer to: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

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