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2022-09-21 02:15
Review by Artim

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"Bestest, most wonderfulest and awesomeful Linux distro in the history of ever!" Works well on modest hardware. Highly modified Xfce desktop is infinitely configurable yet free of the bling and bloat that so many Xfce distros add. "Lite Widget" is the only thing I can completely do without, but it's easily turned off. Conventional wisdom says that ease of use is supposed to be a trade-off: The easier the graphical user interface, the slower the computing and processing speed. LINUX LITE DEFIES THAT OLD AXIOM. Super-simple GUI lets even a user like me who is ordinarily scared of technology use a computer fearlessly WITHOUT LOSING SPEED. I don't know how they did it, but they sure did it well. "Xubuntu Done Right" is another way of describing Linux Lite. And before coming here to Linux Lite from first Linux Mint, and then Xubuntu, "Xubu done right" is exactly descriptive of this fine, underrated distro.
GREAT FOR NEWBIES, even more so than Linux Mint in my opinion, because of little things that really matter, like: * Applications are named for their function. A newbie wouldn't know what Thunar is (besides Thor's hammer, perhaps). So in Linux Lite it is called "File Manager." Sure it's just a little thing, but very thoughtful and helpful to new computer users. That's just one example. *Mind-bending SPEED despite the super-simple, pointy-and-clicky interface. *Good for grandpas and grandmas as well as a kid's first computer (say, middle school age and up) because of the straightforward terms and intuitive layout of this highly modified Xfce desktop. *LITE TWEAKS allows even a Ba'aku boy like me (from a race of people who fled from technology because it almost destroyed us) update, clean, and maintain the operating system (even cleaning systemd logs with a click!). *Terrific support in a friendly forum - one in which the Lead Developer participates regularly. *Snaps disabled by default because they're stupid and for all practical purposes, proprietary.
*Systemd. It's huge and becomes ginormous over time. Easily cleaned up with a click in Lite Tweaks at least, but if systemd is a deal breaker for you, then skip this distro and almost every other Linux distro except Slackware and Devuan. *You gotta use PPAs or Flatpaks for some of the most popular applications, including Firefox for cry'n out loud. Having a few of the popular PPAs pre-installed and enabled in future releases could mitigate this. Otherwise the default apps are fine for most users. But for Google-haters like me it's an annoyance to be removed and replaced.

2022-08-26 03:31
Review by avais

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linux is just damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn good

2022-08-16 16:20
Review by issah45

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I Love this distro! its so lightweight
Lightweight Good for programming Easy to use
Umm.. i dont know any

2022-08-03 10:09
Review by CesarBarboza

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Gracias totales por este sistema, saludos desde Argentina

2022-05-02 22:32
Review by okmr.

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idk good i quess????????????????

2022-04-06 01:43
Review by PK

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:-) ok that's great, this linux is great

2022-02-06 02:26
Review by Patty

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The download site is loaded with ads and malware downloads. If you ever do find the actual ISO to download, it will take 2-3 HOURS even if you have the fastest internet in the country. No thanks.

2022-02-02 10:14
Review by MT

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Awesome! It is very convenient OS. I like it is more than Linux Mint because it loads and it works faster. Linux Lite is much better than other lightweight systems I tried.
Fast, Simple, Convenient, Can do a lot of stuff out of the box.
As per many Linux systems: It's hard to resize the window with the mouse. The resize icon only appears around a few pixels of the corner/border.

2022-01-13 20:11
Review by Garyaltenburger

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For an old laptop over Ubuntu. Laptop is old and slow.

2021-11-18 00:43
Review by seggs?

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I love this it turs me on and i tmakes me use my lotion
Its very good at being good
thre are no bas fthings abu=iut linu =z lite.