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2020-11-20 00:05
Review by vongzkee

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easy to learn. very useful for non complex everyday task.
simple simulation. easy to learn. good UI ergonomics.
few libraries even from open source 3rd parties.

2020-10-24 00:42
Review by gino

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A great tool for PCB design. Nowadays, 95% of all PCBs can be designed easily with KiCad
Free and open source. Great community, good libraries. Works on Windows, Linux and MacOS
It lacks some specific features that are available in programs like Altium or OrCAD. However those are not needed for the 99% of boards. Not as widely used in the industry. However this has been changing slowly and everyday there are more and more companies and engineers who use KiCad professionaly

2020-08-06 00:23
Review by faize

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love this software..........................