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Very Quick Wiki is a JSP/Servlet WikiWiki Web clone. It is installed by dropping a single WAR into Tomcat, Resin, etc. It features built-in filesystem or MySQL backend, email notification, diff, usernames, file upload /attachment, admin/topic-locking, recent changes, search engine, standard Wiki markup, and optional HTML support.

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2003-09-12 05:57 Back to release list

이것도 Freshmeat 2.3.x 이후의 첫 번째 릴리스, 너무 많은 중요한 변경 사항이있습니다. 이들 중 일부입니다 연결 및 DataSource를 지원, 오라클 지원, 이탈리아어, 독일어 번역, 통계 풀링, HTML을 내보내려면, RSS 피드, 전체 Lucene 기반 검색, 그리고 많은 안정성을 수정.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
This is the first release on freshmeat since
2.3.x, so there are many significant changes. Some
of these are connection pooling and DataSource
support, Oracle support, Italian and German
translations, statistics, HTML export, RSS feed,
full Lucene-based search, and many stability

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